Friday, March 30, 2012

Hooray For The Freaking Weekend!

Remember that customer that owed me a butt-ton of money?  They paid!!!  ::sags onto the couch::  Phew!  Quarter End is officially over...until June 30 that is, haha. 

I REALLY want to see "The Hunger Games" movie this weekend...and I'm getting my taxes done tomorrow finally.  I never wait this long to do them...probably waited this year so I wouldn't spend the refund too fast.  I need to send my sister's church the deposit for the wedding.  She is gifting me the church and hall fees but we still have to pay for the organist, the custodian, sexton, security deposit...etc. etc. etc.  Of course, if we win the MegaMillions jackpot tonight, I'll throwing a huge party and you're all invited!  ;)  I started a list of all the things I need to get done and people I need to call (caterer, DJ, photographer...OMG) and it's really overwhelming me. 

One thing at a time though.  I can do this!

I also logged back in to Sparkpeople today.  This will make my third attempt at losing the weight and I have an awesome incentive now...looking and, more importantly, feeling stunning in my wedding dress.  I'm super motivated right now and I hope I can keep the momentum going.  Fingers crossed!

I want to lose 67 pounds before the wedding in November.  Just saying it scares the beejeezus out of me but I can't conquer it unless I face it. 

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