Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Year of Projects: Post # 3

This week has been crazy busy.  We're gearing up for Quarter End at work so I've had to immerse myself in spreadsheets and call up Accounts Payable departments at big companies to tell them to pay their bills.  Sigh.  The whole department put in $1 each for the Mega Millions game (it's up to $360M right now so if we did win, we'd each get $10M...can you even imagine???)  I need every penny I can get, trying to pay for the wedding and to keep my growing kids in shoes. 

I pretty much scrapped the baby blanket that I was making.  It was making me irritated and I didn't want to dread figuring it out right now.  And so, I just started a new one using Bernat in a baby green color.  Just a simple Granny Square afghan for now...we'll see how it ends up. 

Here's what I have so far:

DS will be gone with his father this weekend so I'm hoping to finish it by Sunday night.

**Disclaimer**  I'm about to talk about the wedding so if you don't care to keep reading, feel free to just leave a comment now and carry on with your day.  :)

Made an appointment to go look at dresses with my adoptive mom, sister and DD in April.  Am anxious but excited.  We've pretty much decided that we'll have the ceremony at my sister's church (it helps to have a pastor in the family) and she's going to marry us too.  The reception will probably be at the church's fellowship hall...just a buffet style.  I'm really trying hard not to freak out but there's a lot of "What ifs" that are involved.  Since we have been together for eight years, we're not having a long engagement..at all...and thinking of all the stuff I have to get done before the actual day is here is a bit overwhelming.

Must not lose my mind...must not lose my mind...must not lose my mind...AAAAAARGH!!! 


  1. Sometimes starting over is a good idea, if a project isn't calling out to you, it's not fun. You can't go wrong with a never ending granny. Wedding planning...argh, work and stress and too expensive. Since it's a 2nd round for you, why not just elope and spend your money on a nice trip for the 2 of you?

    Good luck on all fronts

    1. Thanks Sandy...and actually, it's my first wedding. Yes, I have two kids, but haven't ever been married. I'd LOVE to elope but I have tons of family that wouldn't be pleased..lol.